Bone – The Best Kept Secret (2.A.)

Bone – The Best Kept Secret (2.A.)
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  • 964710
  • 9782919964703
  • Jo Buekens
  • 320 p., 231 images, Hardcover
  • 2023, 2.A.
IN ENGLISH!   Bone-The Best-Kept Secret offers the osteopathic practitioner a... mehr
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Bone-The Best-Kept Secret
offers the osteopathic practitioner a completely different perspective on the osteopathic profession. Osteopathy’s founder, Andrew Taylor Still, focused on the bone and fascia in his approach and philosophy. Still’s position was later clarified by Michael Lane, who defined the three basic osteopathic axioms.

Extensive research on bone’s physiology and mechanical properties confirms that Still’s ideas are completely in line with the current state of knowledge. Bone evolves from a passive participant in movement to an erythropoietic organ, an endocrinal gland, an interactive mineral deposit, a conspicuous tension regulator and a force transmitter. In a nutshell: bone is the most specialized and powerful fascia of our body.

Taking these insights into consideration, bone’s therapeutic characteristics spark new interest. Jo Buekens presents bone-related, easy-to-follow procedures for a novel osteopathic approach to treatment. A special selection of well-chosen anatomic pictures, including precise and clear technique photographs and drawings illustrate and guide the passionate reader through the proposed methods and procedures described in the text.

The book offers schematic overviews, functional anatomic analysis, initiation in applied embryology, and elaborate examples and incentives to encourage the reader to think beyond anatomo-pathologic procedures. This book is written to enhances the practitioner’s vision on how to deal with bone, while providing much “food for thought.”

Bone-The Best-Kept Secret

  • gives an historical foundation to outline the interest in bone for the osteopathic profession
  • refers to systemic research on the most current physiologic science and new discoveries on bone
  • covers every stage of proposed osteopathic treatment with scientifically supported information and examples
  • includes exceptional images of dissections to improve the quality and effectiveness of the reader’s mental images
  • is the perfect starting point for those who want to move forward their osteopathic boundaries
  • is a useful academic addition for the presented workshops on bone.


Jo Buekens D.O. MSc, has been working as an osteopath in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1994. In 1996 he completed his basic half-time training (6 years) at Sutherland College (Antwerp, Belgium). In 1999 the Belgische Vereniging van Osteopathie awarded him after presentation of his thesis the degree of Diploma in Osteopathy. In March 2014 he obtained the Master of Science (Osteopathy) at the Donau Universität Krems in collaboration with the Wiener Schule für Osteopathie (A). Jo is a lecturer at College Sutherland (B, D), Wiener Schule für Osteopathie (A), Still-Academie (D), Verband Osteopathen Deutschlands, Still-learning Osteo (PL), Japanese Traditional Osteopathic College, Kobe (JPN).
Besides his recent publication, Bone - The Best-Kept Secret (2020), he has published a book "Osteopathische Diagnose und Behandlung" (Hippokrates Verlag 2004) and has written several articles for specialist journals.
He is co-founder of the Association Luxembourgeoise des Diplômés en Ostéopathie and was its secretary and president.

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